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about us

The Ricardo Martínez and López Asociados group began with the personal walking of Ricardo Martínez Lopez, president of the group. After many years of activity linked to the world of sports, occupying major important positions, he channeled his professional life to the real estate world and since then we have developed a great activity in the business world.

It is sports experiences that inspired us to establish the five fundamental pillars of our company: respect, professionalism, perseverance, efficiency and transparency.We believe that perfection is in balance, combining proven experience with professionalized youth, so we have created a competitive team to develop the objectives we have set.Our global economy strategy covers a broad diversified spectrum. The theories that we apply are directed to the projects of consumption and not of production, adapting them through market studies, we mark where our objectives should be focused, no matter whether they are real estate, foeeding, financial or training, our projects are oriented to our clients and our collaborators in order to achieve marked success.Throughout our website you can contrast our past, our present and our future.

a little bit of our history

We started with the assets of the Cartagena company SANGOLO S.A., signing as star the national coach Don Luis Suarez Miramonte and together we got to promote the sale in Murcia, Cartagena, Lorca, Cabo de Palos, Baleares.

We continue our journey with the TRESSA Group, introducing ourselves to Andalusia and the Valencian community.

We were the pioneers in bringing Murcia to what later became the largest real estate company in Europe FADESA, we collaborated directly in the large urban projects known today as   Agridulce I, Agridulce II, Jardín de los Jerónimos urbanization in Murcia and the Costa el Toyo Urbanization in Almería, being finally commercialized by our Ricardo Martínez and López Asociados Group.The areas of activity of Ricardo Martínez and López & Asociados during this time in connection with said company, will facilitate both the entry of Fadesa into the Region, and the purchase of the land that would later represent the final success of Fadesa in Murcia and surroundings , so that, once this is achieved, assume relevant positions in the company. Ricardo Martínez became head of the area and attached to the General Management of the Fadesa Group.

One of the most important issues to highlight in this project was the transfer of  the transfer of 460.000 m2  to the City of Molina de Segura and the University of Murcia for the construction of the 5th Campus, by the president of FADESA, Don Manuel Jove Capellán.After the explosion of the so-called real estate bubble, and the consequent global crisis, it was time to renew, to see the business of the real estate sector from another perspective, where we began our journey with Cimenta2.We knew that most of the real estate assets were in the banking entities due to the causes of the crisis, and they had an urgent need to give it a way out, the demand for flats was maintained but the supply was increasing, Ricardo & Associates, knowing the importance of the sector, had a very clear objective, to facilitate the development of each of the real estate companies, both in the various products and services and in their territorial expansion, and now the largest real estate companies were banks and savings banks .After a few months of study, a sales strategy was planned based on a commercialization by zone, which covered the entire Region of Murcia. This sectorization system allowed us to be able to offer an immediate and efficient service, focusing on our projects and not those of the competition.With this sales strategy, we quickly enter into collaboration with different banking entities, and focus our main work on the sale of their assets (homes, premises, industrial buildings and land).Our territorial expansion plan, in the coming years, led us to be positioned in the main Regions throughout the Spanish Southeast, on the Costa del Sol (Andalucia), Murcia, Valencia and Barcelona.

Luís Suárez Miramontes

(Único balón de oro de España y seleccionador Nacional)

Manuel Jove Capellán

(Presidente del Grupo ´´FADESA´´)

Cesión 460.000 m2 al Ayuntamiento de Murcia

Ascenso del Real Murcia

Ascenso del UD Almería