Since 2015 we actively collaborate with the Association of Professional College Investment Advisors, Financing and Judicial Experts (AIF).Every year we deliver awards in different categories dedicated to the Business World, Sports, Financial Entities, Foundations, in short, to great people who have achieved their professional success.After years of effort and joint work, Ricardo Martínez received the appointment of Honorary President of AIF and since then we participate in the organization and committee of election of winners for the most prestigious financial event of the year, EXPOFINANCIAL.ExpoFinanzas is the most relevant fair dedicated to independent financial advisors. This event constitutes an excellent platform to promote your business, as it brings together the different participants in the financial sector, which broadens the possibilities of networking and business development.


AIF, Professional Association of Investment Advisors, Financing and Judicial Experts, promotes each year a professional day in response to the many questions about the current situation of the financial sector in Spain.Expofinancial aims to be the meeting point for professionals and companies in the financial sector, promote and disseminate new services and provide practical and realistic solutions to those seeking financing for their companies and particular projects, as well as to those who want to know, alternatives of investment and financing.


Interview of Ricardo Martínez López, Honorary President of AIF

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