President Ricardo Martinez Lopez


President of the Group Ricardo Martínez y López Asociados

President of the Group Desarrollos y Proyectos de Levante

President of the I.F.R.I. (Instituto de Formación y Reciclaje Internacional S.L.)

Honorary President of A.I.F. (Investment Advisers and Professional Financing)

Ex – Deputy to the General Management ot the Real Estate Group FADESA


Ex – Vice President Executive of the U.D. Almería

Ex – General Coordinator of the G8 of Football of Andalusia

Ex – President of the National Association of Spanish Football Managers

Ex – Director General  and Secretario General of the Real Murcia C.F.

Ex – Founding Partner of the Professional Football Leaguel (Real Murcia)


Gold medal for the merit of the work of the European Economics Association.

R.F.E.F. gold medal

Speaker of the Hemispheric Congress of Camacol.

Association that unifies the Spanish-American chambers of commerce. Reaching the first prize and declaring it a distinguished visitor to the municipality of Miami.